What Can You Do With IKEA Kallax?

  • Separate your space
  • Make room for happy hour at home
  • Zhuzh up a basic bookshelf
  • Beautify your vanity
  • Keep with your color palette
  • Layout your own library
  • Sub a KALLAX in for your nightstand
  • Elevate your work area.

Are IKEA Kallax shelves good?

The Kallax is the best shelf for storing vinyl records , and not just because its dimensions are big enough for vinyl record storage.

Can you modify the Kallax unit?

The IKEA Kallax cube shelving units are simple and affordable shelving option, which makes them immensely popular. And with a quick tweak – like adding drawer fronts, custom legs, or even a coat of paint – you can totally customize these storage shelves to suit your decor style.

Can you paint Kallax?

Water-based paint in an eggshell or gloss sheen provides the best, strongest finish on laminate furniture like the Kallax Ideally, use a small paint spray gun to achieve the smoothest surface; a mini-roller can also work well. Avoid using a paintbrush, as the brushstrokes will show in your finished product.

Can you put two Kallax on top of each other?

An 8-cube IKEA Kallax stacked on top of a 16-cube unit makes for an impressive bookcase set-up if you’ve got high enough ceilings to fit them in Who needs a bar cart when a KALLAX bookcase can be repurposed as super stylish at home bar?.

What do I do with old Kallax?

  • Completely change it up
  • Create a custom showstopper
  • Embrace the Scandi style
  • Make simple upgrades
  • Style a home bar with a mid-century look
  • Create a rustic cabinet
  • Construct a storage-rich kitchen island.

Can you sit on IKEA Kallax?

Getting Started. This bench is so versatile it can go anywhere in your home – from kitchen, mudroom, toy room, hallway to even a nifty window seat.

How much weight can an IKEA kallax shelf hold?

Two people are needed to assemble this furniture. This furniture can take a max load of 55 lbs on the top.

How many games fit in a Kallax?

Those minor issues aside though, the Kallax provides enough storage for up to 50 large size board games or many more smaller games and expansions , and at well under $200, it’s one of the best board game storage solutions available.

Do you have to attach Kallax to wall?

Mine is free standing and I never had any problems. However, I worked at Ikea and they do recommend you to mount the unit on the wall , especially if you have kids. The product comes with the brackets. You just have to buy the right fasteners for your wall in any hardware store.

Can you use Kallax as a tv stand?

This IKEA Kallax hack is a great way to add beauty to an otherwise plain piece of furniture. A Kallax TV stand is the perfect size for a big flat screen!.

Can you cut Kallax?

It’s not impossible , but if I could cut ~5″ off the Kallax that would still leave me with a generously sized shelf for storage and putting a TV on top of, and would widen my walkway just enough that I wouldn’t have to be nearly so careful walking.

What are Ikea hacks?

  • Stencil drawer fronts
  • 2. Make a secret shelving den
  • Replace solid wardrobe doors with rattan
  • Top a stool with drawers
  • Update doors with fluted film
  • Create a craft house
  • Create wall-to-wall storage in a boxroom.