How Do You Make A Cricut Cupcake Topper?

How big should cupcake toppers be on Cricut? When it comes to the sizing of a cupcake topper, I focus mostly on the width. For a standard cupcake, I set the width between 2.5 and 2.75 inches For mini cupcakes, I set the width between 1.5 and 2 inches. Can you use Cricut for a … Read more

How Do I Make My Own Wedding Cake Topper?

What is a wedding cake topper called? A wedding cake topper is a small model that sits on top of a wedding cake, normally a representation of the couple in formal wedding attire. Do people still do wedding cake toppers? “ There are all kinds of options these days, from wood laser cut monograms and … Read more

Can You Make Cupcake Toppers With Cricut?

There’s no easier way to dress up a cupcake than by adding a cupcake topper. Cupcake toppers can be made using a verity of materials, but my favorite has always been paper. cricut design space has made creating cupcake toppers so easy!. Can you make cupcake toppers with Cricut joy? Top off your celebration cupcakes … Read more