What Can You Make With Old Drawers?

Sandwich Station. Under Bed Storage. bathroom cabinet. Drawer Ottoman. Porch Planter. Entry Hangers. Picture Frames. Jewelry Organizer. How do you upcycle old wooden drawers? You can use old drawer to make a mirror Hang them on the wall and use them as shelves You can use old drawer to make a beautiful bed for your … Read more

How Many Feet Of Paracord Do I Need For A Dog Leash?

A 4′ paracord dog leash would require 8′ of cord, plus one foot for the loop and splice, bringing the total paracord needed to 9′. Then, you would add 25% to that total to account for braid loss, leaving you with 11.25′ of paracord required to construct a 4′ paracord dog leash. Is paracord strong … Read more