How Do I Check My Voucher On Virgin?

If you no longer hold your confirmation email, as the purchaser did you know you can now download previously bought E-vouchers in the “My Account” section of our website (if sent directly to you). Simply log into your My Account and you will be able to re-download it here.

How do I redeem my virgin voucher?

Visit My Voucher, drop in your voucher number and pin , and get all the info on your experience as well as booking options. If you’re unable to get booked in before you voucher expiry, let us know and we’ll extend it for you for free.

How do I renew my virgin experience voucher?

  • Visit MyVoucher.
  • Enter your serial number and Pin.
  • Select ‘Extend your Voucher’ (this will only pop up for you when within 3 months of the expiry date).
  • You can then select from the extendable options that appear to you.

Where is the voucher number on Virgin Experience Days?

The E-voucher itself holds a unique Serial number and PIN which are used for booking in with our suppliers directly. You head over to the MyVoucher section of our website, enter your voucher details where you can then view your booking instructions!.

How do I use my virgin voucher online?

The Virgin Gift Card can be used directly on the Virgin Experience Days gift card website. Just input your card number at the checkout.

How long do Virgin vouchers last?

Is there an expiry period for my Virgin Gift Card? This card expires 24 months after date of purchase and the remaining balance will be deducted.

What happens when you activate Virgin Experience voucher?

Voucher activation is what you do to gain all of the important information regarding your experience, and where you find the specific booking instructions to get booked in. Activating the voucher does not change the status of your voucher in regards to its validity, or being able to use it on the day.

How do I activate my virgin gift card?

You use your gift card to purchase our experiences. So checkout as normal and when you get to the payment section, you will see in red writing “add a gift card”. Select this and it will then pop up for you to enter your long 19 digit card number and the security pin.

Can I extend a virgin experience gift card?

Unfortunately not The gift card comes with a 12 month validity period and once a gift card has expired, the balance becomes void. Do remember that the expiry date on the gift card is purely the date where you need to redeem the funds by.

Can I extend a virgin gift card?

Unfortunately, the gift cards cannot be extended.

Can you exchange virgin experience vouchers after activation?

Yes you can , activating your voucher simply provides booking information for your current experience, this does not effect your expiry date or whether you can exchange the voucher.

How do I print my virgin e voucher?

  • On a Desktop platform: 1) Open up your E-voucher, and on the top right hand corner you will see “Print Your E-Voucher”.
  • Via a Mobile platform: .
  • 2) Then one of the listed drop downs will be “Print” and you can then follow the printing directions from.

How do I call Virgin Media?

Call us on 150 from your Virgin Media landline or Virgin Mobile. Or 0345 454 1111* from any other phone Our team is available Monday until Friday, 8am until 9pm and Saturday until Sunday, 8am until 6pm.

Can I use virgin gift card at virgin wines?

Virgin Gift Cards are redeemable against wines, beers and spirits , however they aren’t redeemable against other products such as food products.

Can I use virgin points for experience days?

Visit Virgin Red and find an experience for you, and use your points to book. If you can’t find what you’re looking for with Virgin Red, you can spend your points on vouchers to then redeem on the Virgin Experience Days website.

How do I extend my red letter day voucher?

Simply visit and log in with your voucher reference and security number where you can extend your voucher easily. Once you’ve extended your voucher, we’ll send you an email with an e-voucher confirming your new expiry date.

How long do you have to use Virgin Experience Days?

Book your experience In most cases your voucher will be valid for 9 months and your voucher must be booked and used within this time.

Who owns Virgin experience?

Inflexion Enterprise Fund completes buyout of Virgin Experience Days.

What is Virgin GC?

The World of Virgin in Your Wallet It’s your very own VIP card to unlock a range of fantastic Virgin products and services : from Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Wines. The Virgin Gift Card can be loaded with an amount of your choice and you can check your balance online whenever you want.

Is my virgin voucher valid?

It is usually up to 9 or 12 months, but you can find out the exact validity your voucher will hold on the product information of our website, just below the product title prior to purchase The actual voucher itself will then come with a printed expiry date!.

How do I cancel my virgin experience voucher?

If you wish to cancel your order and have the voucher refunded, please contact us to request this with your order/voucher details , and we can see what refundable options are available to you. Please know our refund period is 30 days from the point of purchase. Reach out via the Help icon bottom right of the page.

What can I do if my gift card expires?

If your prepaid card expires while you still have money on it, you may be able to request a replacement card to access the funds You may also try to close out your account by requesting that your balance be mailed to you in the form of a check. The provider might charge you a fee for this.

Can you use expired gift voucher?

This is set out in the Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019. Under the rules, gift vouchers must either: Have no expiry date, or Must be valid for at least 5 years from the date the gift voucher is issued.

Can I use an expired gift card?

Federal law stipulates that gift cards can only expire five years after purchase Its value can be diminished if it’s not used within 12 months, as fees can be charged for inactivity, dormancy, and service. There can be no more than one charge per month, and the fees must be disclosed in advance to the user.