Do You Decorate Pencil Trees?

How do you decorate a pencil shaped Christmas tree?

  • Step 1: Pick a color palette and decorating theme.
  • Step 2: Use the 60-30-10 design rule as your guide.
  • Step 3: Use three-dimensional decorations.
  • Step 4: Decorate with ribbons and garlands.
  • Step 5: Finish with a unique tree topper.

What is the difference between a pencil tree and a slim tree?

“Slim” trees are typically as tall as regular trees, ranging up to 15 feet high, but they are only about half as wide. Even slimmer are “pencil” trees, which can be as narrow as 18 inches across. Artificial-tree sellers are betting on the slim look.

What color ornaments look best on a flocked tree?

Silver, gold and copper in matte, glitter and glossy finishes are amazing for a flocked tree and our Dallas designers love using all shades at the same time. Mixing metallic ornaments with white ones is also a great idea for a more neutral look. And over-sized metallic ornaments are a modern and chic element, as well.

Do you string Christmas tree lights from top to bottom?

Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches Work your way down and around the tree, hanging lights in the back as well. When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree.

How do you put lights on a sparse Christmas tree?

How do you put lights on a sparse Christmas tree? First, add the bottom layer of branches to the main trunk of the tree. Then, wrap each branch by starting at the base and working your way around each individual branch, from center of tree to tip of each branch, and then back to inside.

What is the best way to string lights on a tree?

String lights by starting the string at the bottom of the tree and pulling it up to the top, then back down like a mountain Continue to zigzag up and down the tree. Once you’ve wrapped the tree, tuck the strands farther in on the branches to make room for ornaments.

How do you make a Christmas tree look less sparse?

When you are decorating a sparse tree, you don’t want the ornaments to overwhelm it! Minimal is best. Think of a Scandinavian style Christmas theme with lots of natural elements, neutrals and rustic touches You also want the ornaments to be lightweight as the branches can be less sturdy than those of a more full tree.

How do I make my Christmas tree look professional?

  • Build a theme
  • Start with classic ornaments
  • String the lights
  • Divide the tree into sections
  • Hang ornaments strategically
  • Cluster decorations
  • Fill in gaps with picks
  • Add a tree topper.

Why are pencil trees so popular?

Because of the trees very slim shape , Pencil trees are very popular for small spaces. Urban and apartment living, where floor space is scarce, is a perfect spot for a pencil tree. You may also see pencil trees used as second or third Christmas trees decorating the entryway to a home (outside or inside).

What is the best artificial Christmas tree that looks real?

Downswept Douglas Fir The National Tree Company makes some of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees on the market, and this Downswept Douglas Fir model is no exception. It comes in three sizes, and the 7.5-foot version has 1,867 branch tips for a full, lush look.

What are the Christmas colors for 2021?

What is the color theme for Christmas 2021? The color theme for Christmas 2021 is all about joyful brights in both traditional colorways as well as contemporary alternatives such as magenta and blue are going to really bring the fun to your celebrations.

What does a black Christmas tree symbolize?

First Things First: The Black Christmas Tree There’s no special or dark meaning behind the black Christmas tree But it is a growing trend since more people prefer to shake their holidays up by forgoing the green pine trees for a darker Christmas tree.

Can you use a tree collar on a pencil tree?

A tree collar isn’t one size fits all. You don’t want a tree collar meant for a large 9 ft full tree on a 6 ft pencil tree To make sure it looks correct, ensure the tree stand isn’t much wider than the base of your tree collar.

How messy is a flocked Christmas tree?

The process of flocking the tree is quite messy and I would definitely recommend doing it outside or in a basement or garage where a bit of mess isn’t such a problem. It can be done inside though if that is your only option; just be sure to cover your floor with a drop cloth first.

Are flocked trees in style?

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Popular? If you do a quick sweep of Instagram, flocked Christmas trees have definitely come back in style However, they’ve come in and out of vogue more than once. The concept of flocking Christmas trees (both artificial and real) has been around since the 1800s.

What is a pencil Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way from the aluminum trees that Charlie Brown has to choose from. One tree shape that has gained popularity is the artificial pencil Christmas tree. A pencil tree is defined by its slim shape These trees come in many heights ranging from four feet to 16 feet.

How much garland do I need for a 7 foot pencil tree?

Step 4: The Garland A rule of thumb is at least nine (9) feet of garland per foot of a tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need sixty-three (63) feet of garland.